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    Welcome to Saint Brendan’s College

    “A key feature of this school is the happiness and contentment of the school community.”
    Inspector Richard Coughlan Whole School Evaluation

    Our school aims to be a student friendly, student centred, safe and pleasant place to be. It will be your home away from home for a considerable amount of time each day.

    In Saint Brendan’s College we view school as an extension of the home and as such we aim to create a safe and caring environment that will facilitate the holistic development of each individual student and fosters respect for oneself and others.
    We see education as a partnership so that the home and school can share a sense of vision and responsibility in their child’s learning. We welcome parents to maintain regular contact with the school.

    Through the dedication, professionalism and excellence of our staff all our students are encouraged to attain the highest academic standards, so that their true potential is realised. We strive to ensure that we are a centre in which teaching and learning excel.

    Saint Brendan’s College aims to be a Safe school by creating a culture of being a “telling school”.


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