Big Brother Big Sister

Big Brother Big Sister Programme (BBBS)

The Programme aims to match a First Year student with a Transition Year or Fifth Year student. The purpose of the match is that the two students will develop a friendly and positive relationship that will ultimately benefit both of them.

The First Year students (The Littles) are matched with the Senior students (The Bigs) based on their interests following an interview. Their shared interests is a good starting point for developing the relationship between the Big and the Little.

The students meet once a week for activities which range from sporting activities like indoor soccer and basketball, to board games and quizzes. A trip is organised towards the end of the school year for all the students involved as a way of celebrating their participation in the programme.

It is now in its sixth year in the school. Initially only one first year class was chosen to take part in the programme, however it has become so popular with both parents and pupils that it is now offered to all First Year classes.

It has proven to be a very successful mentoring programme for the First Years in helping them settle into school, having somebody to look out for them and also helps them to widen their circle of friends.

The BBBS programme is run by both the Home School Liaison Officer Margaret Heffron and the School Completion Programme Project Worker Deirbhle Langan.

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