Gaelic Football

St. Brendan’s College hold a long tradition with Gaelic football and it is the sport of choice for a huge number of students at the school.

The school caters for all age-groups and has both boys and girls teams who pride themselves on working hard and developing their football skills. Each team is trained by two members of staff . On a regular basis. well-known sport trainers come to the school so the students can experience new training drills and coaching methods.

Matches which include Blitz competitions are held throughout the school year.

Last year 2012-2013 was a very successful year for the school:

  • The first year boys won the County Title. U-15 boys were very unlucky to lose the County Semi Final, a cup that they are determined to try and win this year.
  • The U-16 boys reached the Connacht semi-final but were defeated by a very experienced Davitt College team.
  • Both the senior girls and junior girls reached the Connacht semi-final in their respective groups and the u-14 team placed well in their group and were unfortunate not to carry on further in the competition.
  • Our new pitch is now near completion and we are looking forward to training all our teams on it and also playing all our games on it from November 2013 onwards.
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