Mission Statement

Misean Ráitis

Mission Statement

St. Brendan’s College is committed to providing the highest educational standards and facilities for our students.  We aim to build a partnership between all those involved in the provision of a top quality service – Mayo Sligo and Leitrim Education and Training Board, School Management, teachers, parents and pupils.

This will enable our students to reach their full potential and prepare them for participation as good citizens in society.



We see the community of staff and students of St. Brendan’s College striving to attain the highest possible standards in education, social integration, extra curricular activities and sport. We will do so in the working context of a gathering of like minded individuals who deeply respect each other and each others needs, likes, dislikes and preferences.  St. Brendan’s College will be a school where each student and staff member will have the right to be: with no fear of bullying, discrimination, intimidation or invasion of personal privacy. The staff and students of St. Brendan’s College will inhabit a HAPPY school.


  1. We want to see each student reach his or her full potential.
  2. Each student will be treated fairly and equally.
  3. Each student well be listened to.
  4. Our academic performance will be reviewed regularly with reference to national standards and indicators.
  5. Students with ‘Special Educational Needs’ will be catered for.
  6. Students and staff will communicate easily and frequently.
  7. Subject choices will be reviewed regularly and every effort will be made to avoid stereotyping and gender imbalance.
  8. Parents and students will be fully informed of the implications of choosing/not choosing individualsubjects.
  9. We will advise students on their career choice.
  10. We will advise students on their options following Junior Cert – i.e. whether to take Transition Year, LCVP or established Leaving Cert.
  11. To speak to students in a positive manner and reward good behaviour.
  12. To recognise students’ achievements.
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