Musicals & Variety Concerts


St. Brendan’s College prides itself on the school’s close link to the Arts. The school encourages an appreciation of music, drama and dance and provides the student’s the opportunity to channel their energy and creativity through these activities. We believe passionately that music and drama play an integral part to the cultural life of the school, not only in terms of educational development but also in regard to enhanced physical well-being. The participation of students in the annual Christmas Variety Concert, School Musical, School Choir and other fundraising activities promotes personal skills and attributes, as well as wider social awareness. Music and drama can enrich all our lives and here at St. Brendan’s College we aim to provide that opportunity to all of our students.

The School Choir is composed of students from across all year groups and rehearsals take place during lunch breaks and after school. The choir has successfully participated in local and national competitions. In addition, the choir is often called upon to perform at many special occasions and functions in St. Brendan’s College. At present the choir is preparing for a Christmas Carol Service which will take place within the local community.

The School Musical and Variety Concert have proved a resounding success over the years with many students embracing the opportunity to display their vast range of talents. This year 2014/2015 will see Transition Year students take to the stage for their School Musical at the end of March. As with previous years it promises to be a wonderful, high energy show with the eagerly anticipated auditions set to take place in early January. The most recent musical production was “Oklahoma” which was staged by Transition Year students in May 2014.

Having just performed in a Strictly Come Dancing fundraising event the Transition Year class of 2014/2015 are busy rehearsing for their upcoming Christmas Variety Concert which will take place the 10th and 11th of December 2014.

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