School Completion Programme

St. Brendan’s College, under the DEIS scheme has been part of the School Completion Programme since 2007. The aim of the School Completion Programme (SCP) is to positively impact on levels of pupil retention in school and on the number of pupils who successfully complete the Senior Cycle.

Since October 2010 St. Brendan’s have had a part time Project Worker based within the school, Deirbhle Langan.

There are a huge range of programmes and supports available to students under SCP which are specific to year groups from First Year up to Leaving Certificate. Programmes are run in-school, after school and during holidays. Examples of programmes run through SCP to date include:

  •        Study skills
  •       Induction Afternoon (specifically for first years to help with the transition from primary to post-primary)
  •       Literacy Week
  •       Homework Club
  •       Big Brother, Big Sister
  •       Lunch time clubs e.g. Girl’s Active Programme
  •       Summer Programme (for incoming First Year students)
  •       Academic support including literacy support
  •       Individual support
  •       Professional Counselling
  •       Student Organising Committee for the ‘Mind Urself’ Positive Mental Health Day
  •       Provide support to both students and parents throughout the school year

Individual Support

Individual Support is provided by Ms. Langan for a number of students. Individual support can include academic support such as various academic subjects and literacy support, personal development and organisation and motivational skills.

Study skills

This programme provides students with advice on how to study successfully. Tips provided to students include note taking, memorising, study time tables and general organisation coming up to exams.

Girl’s Active Programme

This lunch time programme is a fun, alternative way of getting students active. Activities include circuits, walking, aerobics and using the gym. This programme is run by Ms. Donohoe, SEN Co-ordinator and Ms. Langan.

Summer Camp 

This is a programme for Sixth Class students who will be attending St. Brendan’s College. The programme helps to ease the transition from Primary to Post Primary.  Students enjoy a variety of fun activities e.g. sports, cookery, arts and crafts, over a three day period. The programme also offers students the opportunity to become familiar with the school building and to make new friends. The Summer Camp is run by members of the school staff and Ms. Langan.

Homework Club

The programme runs twice a week after school for an hour and forty five minutes. It is offered to First and Second Year students and it gives them an opportunity to complete their homework with the help and guidance of a supervised teacher. The programme is run by HSCL Co-ordinator Mrs. Margaret Heffron and SCP Project Worker Ms. Langan.

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