Transition Year

It is with great pleasure that we introduced the Transition Year Programme for the first time in St. Brendan’s College in September 2006. The Transition Year Programme (TYP) is the latest innovative programme being introduced by the College.  It is a highly structured one-year programme aimed at developing a more mature student ready for the demands of the Leaving Certificate programmes and further study or work.

We have devised our TYP to cater for the needs of our students and it will provide them with the opportunity to experience a wider range of educational experiences that will enhance both their academic and personal development.      “There is growing evidence that students who have taken the Transition Year Programme are more selfreliant learners when they enter third level education than their peers.”


The core subjects are:

  • English
  • Irish
  • Maths
  • Science
  • International Studies
  • Home Economics

Seo é a leanas an rogha a bheidh le fail ag lucht na hIdirbhliana.

The TYP will involve a selection of the following:

  • ∗  Art
  • ∗  Career Guidance
  • ∗  Excursions
  • ∗  First Aid
  • ∗  GAISCE Award
  • ∗  Environmental Education
  • ∗  Drama
  • ∗  Car Maintenance/Construction/Technical Drawing
  • ∗  Mini-company/ Business
  • ∗  Music
  • ∗  Outdoor Pursuits
  • ∗  Physical Education
  • ∗  Political Studies/European Studies
  • ∗  Science
  • ∗  Visiting Speakers
  • ∗  First Aid Course
  • ∗  Self Defence
  • ∗  Photography
  • ∗  Safe Pass
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